Whether You are building a home, buying a home or you already own a home and are remodeling or repairing, WPBA is the one stop shop for all of those needs. A listing of all professional & credited businesses in Westmoreland County will help you feel safe & secure while choosing a service.

WPBA History


The Westmoreland Professional Builders Association (WPBA) traces its roots back to December 1998 when a group of builders and suppliers wanted to address the unique needs of the housing industry in Westmoreland County, and since that time, has never looked back.  

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President’s Letter – 2017


As we begin the New Year, I’d like to thank all the members for making this organization a success.   We are only as strong as our volunteers, committee members, sponsors and everyone who donates their time and resources, so thank you. This year is uncertain for us but I’m confident we will prosper. I plan to

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Featured Members

Kattan Ferretti
Kattan Ferretti

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